Salsa and chips is what I believed a semi-healthy go-to snack, but if you read the ingredients on most salsas you will see I was wrong. As I mentioned in my crock pot chicken post, “Jack’s Salsa,” which you can find at Kroger and Publix, doesn’t have any preservatives and is the freshest salsa I can find…besides making my own.

The only thing about making your own salsa is you need to plan your plans for the week accordingly because the salsa will only be good for 1-2 weeks (seeing as you are using all fresh ingredients without any preservatives). Also, make sure if you aren’t planning to use all the salsa at once that you have a cleaned jar (I used a mason jar) with a lid to keep it in the fridge.


– 3, 16-oz canned tomatoes (You can find organic ones at Kroger.)

– 3/4 cupped chopped cilantro (I had to use a mix of fresh cilantro and dried cilantro, and it still turned out fine.)

– 2 small Jalapenos (I used 1 big one, and it was plenty. You can use other peppers too; it just depends on how spicy you want the salsa.)

-1 small onion

– 1 small clove of garlic chopped very fine

– 2 tsp fresh lime juice

– 1 tsp chili powder roasted

-1 tsp ground cumin or cumin seeds roasted

– 2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar

-salt (if needed)


– Put 2 cans of tomatoes in blender and chop until desired consistency. Pour into a large bowl. (This is where you make the salsa your own. I don’t really prefer chunky salsa, so I puree mine longer than most, but feel free to again make it your OWN!)

– Put remaining can of tomatoes in the blender. Add cilantro, jalapenos, (any other peppers you want), onion, and garlic in blender. Chop well and add to the bowl.

– In a skillet, roast chili powder and cumin together until the color turns darker (not too long though…this takes 2-3 minutes max.) When done, add to the bowl.

-Add lime juice and balsamic vinegar (and salt if needed). (I did add a pinch of salt for taste.)

– Mix well and pour into jars! (Be sure you keep it in the fridge, and let it chill before serving.)

Happy eating!