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Sometimes what our minds tell us tastes good isn’t always necessarily good or HEALTHY for our bodies. While I love chocolate ice cream as much as the next person, it probably has created a dairy intestine on its own that is living and breathing in my stomach (I know gross, right?) Ew. What would a dairy  intestine even resemble? A cow?

My point is sometimes our bodies just want us to cut out the “extras” that our diet consists of, and we need to feed it the good stuff. We need more fruits and vegetables in our diet–I know I did.

While most of the recipes and ideas found on here are consistent with the Paleo diet, you can add/substitute/ change most of the ingredients or recipes to fit your health needs (and I will let you know when I add my “cheat” ingredients as well.) I have found it is easier to find a recipe you think sounds good and manipulate the ingredients than try to find one that matches your pantry exactly.

I pick most of the recipes because 1. they are healthier than what I was cooking pre-paleo 2. they are relatively simple (I do have a life outside of trying to cook paleo meals and snacks —contrary to popular belief, and I don’t want to spend hours trying to create an incredibly complicated meal) 3. they are not REALLY expensive to make…you just have to buy the right ingredients and shop accordingly.

Happy cooking…and more importantly happy HEALTHY eating!

**Note: I do provide links to the original recipes I find. If I change any recipes or have suggestions, I make it very clear as to how I contributed to the recipe. I am not trying to take credit for other’s creations, but  I am merely trying to reach people who want to eat healthier.


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