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The whole point in the Paleo diet is to make you feel better. You get rid of all the processed, poo-poo foods we put into our bodies. HOWEVER! There are times when the Paleo diet may “go out the window.” Vacations–you have probably paid a butt-load of money to have a good time, so go for it! Eat the desserts! Already paid for food and drink? Live it up! Go back to the snack bar 4-5 times a day if you want. Enjoy yourself! Yet, know that when you get home, you will still want to eat crappy. You have to essentially re-condition your body back to Paleo living.

Going back from french toast and pancakes to fruit, nuts, and eggs is going to be difficult (I’m not lying), but you don’t feel as if you have a baby elephant in your stomach after you eat either–this is a positive! So if you find yourself on vacation, or just taking a Paleo vacation for a few days or weeks, here are some resources to help you get back on track. Also, if you need any more incentive for eating right again, think about how great it felt once all the poo-poo foods were tossed from your diet!


Ways to cheat Paleo

Make yourself feel better: Read other stories of  huge Paleo cheats

How to overcome your cheats


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