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Mr. Paleo went out the window for my bachelorette celebration this past weekend, but I’m right back on track today. In fact, I wanted to re-create a spinach wrap I had Friday night. Although, I did break the rules and had a wrap with flour in it, my toppings all met the Paleo requirements (don’t judge!). However, I wanted a wrap for lunch, but I seriously need to visit the grocery store–what do I do?!

Well! I created my own veggie wrap! It was quick, easy, and met all the paleo requirements!

Ingredients (use what vegetables/meats you have–my fridge is running a little low right now)

– 2-3 pieces of lettuce (Bibb lettuce is best for wraps, but I used hearts of romaine and it worked fine too!)

-veggies (fresh or cooked–I used cucumbers, tomatoes, and mushrooms)

-olive oil (could use coconut oil)


– I sauteed the tomatoes and mushrooms in the olive oil for about 5 minutes (or until browned)

– Wash lettuce/cucumbers, etc.

-Place the cut cucumber and cooked veggies on the lettuce! I used a “top” and “bottom” piece–so it was more like a sandwich than a wrap.


Happy eating!